A King And Queen Visit.

30th July 1634, one of the most important days in the history of Bolsover Castle, as William Cavendish hosts King Charles I and his Queen Henrietta Maria.

The Royal pair arrive along the South Drive from their stay at Welbeck Abbey to see the magnificent Terrace Range before them, newly built to impress for this Royal visit.

The King and Queen enter the Pillar Parlour and partake in a feast of the senses, featuring sweetmeats and everyday items created out of melted sugar. In the room they are surrounded on each wall with paintings of the senses, whilst minstrels play in the hallway. During the visit 30 peacocks, 30 turkeys,10 dozen geese, 10 dozen capons, 20 dozen pullets, 5 dozen hens 5 dozen fat chickens alongside roasted pigeon, pheasant, lark, redshank, heron and bittern are prepared for the meals.

It’s now a visit into the Marble Closet, a room of Italian marble with paintings of the Virtues on three walls. William invites the Royal couple on to the balcony passing through a doorway on the only wall without a Virtues painting, the King and Queen become the missing Virtues…as ‘Concord’ and ‘Peace’ return to Bolsover.
The day comes to an end as the masque ‘Love’s welcome at Bolsover’ by Ben Jonson is performed in the Venus Garden.


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